Criteria of Green Homes and Green Communities

LEED an acronym for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is one of the most commonly used terms while talking about Green Homes and Green Communities.

For green construction all over the country, LEED developed by U.S. Green Building Council is an accepted set of standards. To get certification from LEED, there is a set of criteria that must be fulfilled. The criteria that should be met for LEED for Homes falls into one of eight categories including innovation and design, location and linkages, sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality and awareness and education.

Few examples from the above mentioned eight categories on LEED for Homes checklist are:

1. durability management

2. access to open space

3. drought tolerant plants

4. graywater reuse system

5. efficient hot water distribution

6. environmentally preferred products

7. indoor contaminant control

8. basic operations training

LEED certified homes meet the minimum requirements based on point system derived from the checklist.

After the inspection of the green homes, they are awarded the certificates after adding up the points as follows:

Certified               45-59 points
Silver                    60-74 points
Gold                     75-89  points
Platinum               90-136 points

Before buying a new home which has been advertised as green home, one should check for themselves the certificates being awarded to the home builder.

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