Saving Money to Buy a New Home

Saving money for buying a new home is one of the toughest things to do. Despite plenty of incentives as never before, like low mortgage rates, cheaper homes, housing tax credits, the fact is that many Americans are still not able to buy a new home for themselves and their family.

Most of the Americans spend a lot on discretionary things and don’t develop the habit of saving. First time home buyers fear that they won’t be able to accumulate sufficient money for the down payment. The first step one should take is to have a close look at their current expenditure and see what unnecessary expenditures can be cut off. Do you have a gym or club membership which you seldom use? If yes, there is no point in continuing with the membership. Lot of money is spent on dining out, this is one area where you can save a lot of money. Attending sporting events or concerts is expensive, if you are not able to save enough money for buying a new home, you need to sacrifice a few things. Maybe you can save money by cutting down your utility bills.

If you set your goal on buying a new home and make an honest effort towards this, you will see that the goal is not far. In the journey of saving money you will see for yourself the areas where the expenditure can be reduced or cut off. The small sacrifices you will make towards buying your dream home will seem so sweet once you accomplish your dream.

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Precautions to Take While Buying New Homes at Cheap Price

It is really very tempting when we come across any information or advertisement for a cheap home. Most of us want to save money at any given opportunity. However, one must take extra precaution when we see and think of buying a cheap home. We must keep in mind and follow advice from a reputed real estate agent during the buying process.

Cheap is not always good, just because you found a new home at a cheaper price than the prevailing market price, does not guarantee of a good deal. Maybe there could be some problem with the home and the seller may want to wash off his hands, and the buyer may have to invest in order to fix that problem. You should have a thorough inspection of the home done by a good property inspector. It’s not a clever move to bypass the property inspector and decide on your own. One should also take the services of a buyer’s agent during the home buying process. They possess inside news of the housing market and may offer something what you exactly need.

It’s necessary to maintain patience while negotiating for a home. There’s no need to rush into a deal fast unless and until you have ensured yourself. You can take your time and go through every detail of the deal before making a final decision.

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Naval Square an Urban Living Community By a Pennsylvania Home Builder

Toll Brothers one of the leading Pennsylvania home builders has been transforming this historic property into a community boasting of elegant new homes ranging from stately townhomes with private garages to historical renovated condos with soaring ceilings and unique spaces. Naval Square a gated community offers more than just a residence. It’s a private and secure haven in the city offering the residents a comfortable lifestyle.

Necessary conveniences like grocery stores, restaurants, outdoor cafes, etc. are located at a few minutes walking distance from the community. The residents here have an access to a wide range of world class amenities including splendid 20 acre parade grounds, modern fitness center, outdoor pool and sundeck, community center featuring an entertainment area, and a billiards table. Free of cost shuttle services is provided to areas throughout the city including the 30th Street Station, the Central Business District, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Naval’s Square- Brainbridge Court has single level condominium type of homes available from the $300,000s. Covered garages or onsite parking is included. New homes are available in 1-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms and den. The floorplans are stylish, with well-designed kitchens and luxurious master bedroom suites and the average floor plan is 1420 square feet. Naval’s Square- Captain’s Collection has elegant townhomes starting from the upper $400,000s. The new homes have attached car garages or basement deeded parking. New homes are available in six various floor plans and have 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

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Criteria of Green Homes and Green Communities

LEED an acronym for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is one of the most commonly used terms while talking about Green Homes and Green Communities.

For green construction all over the country, LEED developed by U.S. Green Building Council is an accepted set of standards. To get certification from LEED, there is a set of criteria that must be fulfilled. The criteria that should be met for LEED for Homes falls into one of eight categories including innovation and design, location and linkages, sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality and awareness and education.

Few examples from the above mentioned eight categories on LEED for Homes checklist are:

1. durability management

2. access to open space

3. drought tolerant plants

4. graywater reuse system

5. efficient hot water distribution

6. environmentally preferred products

7. indoor contaminant control

8. basic operations training

LEED certified homes meet the minimum requirements based on point system derived from the checklist.

After the inspection of the green homes, they are awarded the certificates after adding up the points as follows:

Certified               45-59 points
Silver                    60-74 points
Gold                     75-89  points
Platinum               90-136 points

Before buying a new home which has been advertised as green home, one should check for themselves the certificates being awarded to the home builder.

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Selecting a New Home Community

You have the option of buying a home at an old neighborhood or a new community. It’s just like buying an old vintage car or one of the latest models available. The older car may look charming but it is neither economical nor a practical decision unless you’ve got a mechanic in the family.

The car manufacturers have been working relentlessly studying about the human body to come up with features which can provide us more comfort and safety. The same theory applies in homebuilding too, while mapping out a new neighborhood, the planners utilize the years of experience they have to provide homes suitable to the people. There’s no surprise that new communities have flourished all over the country. Living in a new home community creates a pioneer spirit amongst the residents, which one can’t get while deciding to live in an old neighborhood. Since all the residents start living around the same time at a new locality, there is a common bond amongst them.

One must consider the following points while deciding to buy a home in a new community:

1. Workplace, public transport, highways and other transit should be at an approachable distance.

2. Essential services like grocery stores, restaurants, etc. should be easily accessible.

3. Hospitals and Schools should be at a convenient distance from the community.

4. If you have kids, proximity to parks and other recreational centers is welcome.

5. Look for a friendly neighborhood this can make you and your family feel comfortable.

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Arbors at Longleaf a Townhome community by a Florida Home Builder

Mercedes Homes one of the fastest growing homebuilders in the country has built Arbors at Longleaf an unique townhome community in Melbourne, Florida. The features and space available with single-family homes has been beautifully incorporated in these townhomes. The selling of second phase of the community has begun.

The townhomes in Arbors at Longleaf are available in one and two story 2, 3, and 4 bedroom town home floorplans with luxurious upgrades. The floor plans are in the range of 1,298 to 2,207 + sq. ft. of living space. Some of the features of homes here are large living rooms, spacious kitchens, 2 car garages and more. Homeowner’s association takes care of the lawn and exteriors of the homes. Residents can enjoy the comfort of a peaceful living here. Great shopping centers and schools are located nearby facilitating comfortable stay in this community. The homes for sale are priced from $144,990-$179,990.

Residents can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities here like surfing, boating, fishing, scuba diving, golfing, camping, and a visit to the nearby Brevard Zoo. The city has lots of beautiful parks scattered all over to spend time with family. Lots of arts and cultural events are held in Melbourne annually and it’s a revealing experience for the lovers of art and culture.

New Homes Section gives home buyer access to a wealth of new home information as well as great details about Florida home builders, the real estate market and new housing incentives. Visit us online during the search for your new home.

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Buying a New Home

Buying a New Home

Are you planning to buy a new home, if yes, then you must take into consideration the following points before coming to a conclusion. Do you really want a new home? Do you have a good credit score? Will you live in the new home you want to buy for the coming years? If your answer to all three points is yes, then you must take your home buying seriously.

Home builders are offering single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes and luxury homes in many places at some affordable prices. With lowering of interest rates and the probability of housing market picking up in the coming times, this is a great opportunity to buy a new home.

For information about pricing, floor plans, community locations and other features about new homes in Sacramento, you can surf through the website of

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